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Established in 1994, Juxian Hongfa Rubber & Plastic Factory (shorted as HONGFA) is a professional manufacturer of automobile, construction and civil rubber and plastic products. Now we have two large factories, with different production departments. We manufacture rubber extrusion seals, oil seals, rubber mounts, tires, wheel chocks et. al for automobiles, and EVA tatami, gym rubber floor, door mat, Yoga mat et al for civil market, and Bentonite or PVC waterstop for construction propose, et al.   OUR FAMOUS CLIENTS: For more than 15 years, HONGFA's automobile product department has been Volvo SDLG's only major rubber and plastic products supplier. Volvo SDLG is the wholly owned subsidiary company of AB Volvo or The Volvo Group in Sweden, and also the largest industry loader manufacturer in Aisa. For last 15 years', 90% of all rubber products used in Volvo SDLG was provided by HONGFA. We manufacture near all types of rubber parts used in this company and keep our product defective rate below 10 PPM in our 1 million pieces of products (less than 10 piece of defective products in 1 million pieces) provided to Volvo SDLG each month. We are now improving to 6 sigma level, and lowering our defective rate to 3.4 PPM. In the last 10 years, HONGFA's business fame brought us more customers, such as Volvo Group China, STRONG Industry, Longking Industry and Lovol Industry, the huge national cooperations in China.

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